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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Rita Ora kisses a woman, again...

Rita Ora puthet me Ellie Goulding

It is not the first time that she's done it. It is about a world famous Albanian singer, Rita Ora, who seems to like playing with women by teasing and lip kissing. This time she was photographed doing it with the english singer and actress Ellie Goulding, with whom she met during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy. Rita has been recently commented for her new hair style and there is talk that she is working on a song in albanian. While the relationship with Calvin Harris is being consolidated further.
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Rita Ora, puthet serish me nje femer
Nuk eshte hera e pare qe e bene. Kjo eshte kengetarja shqiptare me fame boterore, Rita Ora, e cila duket sikur pelqen te bej loje me femra duke i ngacmuar dhe puthur ne buze. Kesaj radhe ajo eshte fotografuar duke e bere me kengetaren dhe aktoren angleze Ellie Goulding, me te cilen eshte takuar gjate javes se modes ne Milano te Italise. Rita se fundmi eshte komentuar per stilin e ri te flokeve dhe po flitet se eshte duke pergaditur nje kenge shqip. Ndersa dhe lidhja me Calvin Harris eshte consoliduar me tej.

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