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Saturday, 2 November 2013

BLUETOOTH Magazine - 2nd November 2013

Revista BLUETOOTH - 2 Nentor 2013
VIP headlines this week by tmagazine "Bluetooth" (2 November 2013):

"Dancing With The Stars", Holta Dulaku: Here's why Adi Krasta and Miriam Cani left. Singer: They changed the agreement; Producer: I have respect for her, but should decide herself
Rudina Xhunga, in playful poses with her daughter, Alana
Ermal Mamaqi, Saimir Kodra's new partner. Offer from "Agon", artist: It is true that they asked for me, but they are ashamed to make a indecent offer
Amy returns to work, in superform
VIPs in the Halloween parade of masks or "sex" ...
After the "bird", appears on stage Pula
Berisha's "Youngsters" in vacation leave
Erand Sojli, left the "Portokalli"
"Story", anniversary which brought together personalities
Bleona: I fancy Bodyguard!
"War" ends, Rovena Stefa absent in court against Aulona and Fatma
Aferdita Dreshaj: Stop, I'm not afraid to tell you who I fancy. Albanian famous model signed a contract with "Agon Channel"
"A goal for culture" brings together VIPs
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Titujt kryesore VIP te kesaj jave nga Revista "Bluetooth" (2 Nentor 2013):
"Dancing With The Stars", Holta Dulaku: Ja pse iken Adi Krasta dhe Miriam Cani. Kengetarja: U ndryshua marreveshja; Producentja: Kam respekt per te, por duhet te vendose vete
Rudina Xhunga, poza lozonjare me te bijen, Alana
Ermal Mamaqi, partneri i ri i Saimir Kodres. Oferta e "Agon", artisti: Eshte e vertete qe me kane kerkuar, por kane turp te me bejne ndonje oferte te paturpshme
Ami i rikthehet punes, ne superforme
VIP-at ne Halloween, parade maskash apo "seksi"...
Pas "zogut", del ne skene Pula
"Te vegjelit" e Berishes, nisen me pushime
Erand Sojli, iken nga "Portokalli"
"Story", njevjetori qe bashkoi personazhet
Bleona: Dashuroj truprojen!
Merr fund "lufta", Rovena Stefa mungon ne gjyqin kunder Fatmes e Aulones
Aferdita Dreshaj: Boll me, nuk kam frike ta them ke dashuroj. Modelja e famshme shqiptare nenshkruan kontrate me "Agon Channel"
"Nje gol per kulturen" mbledh bashke VIP-at

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