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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tika Camaj, first to start Halloween

Tika Camaj, nje "Cat Woman" per Halloween
Tika Camaj-Ivezaj, one of Albania's most famous models in the U.S., who has been a catwalk model for "Victoria's Secret" seems to be one of the first VIP to launch celebrations of  "Halloween Night" or "Halloween". She has posted some photos on her social network Instagram, which shows that this year she chose to be presented as sexy "Cat Woman" with her ​​husband (un) dressed as "Batman". Probably, in the following days, we will see many more photos from other VIPs in the wake of this fright night.
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Tika Camaj, nise e para Hallovinin
Tika Camaj-Ivezaj, nje nder modelet shqiptare me te famshme ne Amerike, modelja qe sfiloi per "Victoria's Secret", duket sikur eshte nje nder te parat VIP qe ka nisur te festoj "Naten e Shtrigave" apo "Halloween". Ajo ka postuar disa foto ne rrjetin e saj Instagram, ku tregon se kete  vit ajo ka zgjedhur te prezantohet si nje seksi "Cat Woman" me bashkeshortin e saj te (zh)veshur si "Batman". Mesiguri, ne ditet ne vijim, do te shohim edhe shume foto nga VIP-at tjere ne vigjilje te kesaj nateje te "frikshme".

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