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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Arbana and Xhemi, happily "drunk"

Arbana dhe Xhemi, caste te lumtura
"Happy times" is the caption of this picture that Xhemi posted on her social network. She is seen here together with her ​​colleague Arbana Osmani, now both presenters at "The Sunday", while they were drinking wine together and it seems they're spending happy times indeed, perhaps even little bit "drunk". They are close friends, not rivals at all, and Xhemi, apparently from recent posts, is among the first to taste different recipes from Arbana, who has cooking as her passion.
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Arbana dhe Xhemi, lumturisht te "dehura"
"Happy times" ka dicituren kjo foto qe Xhemi ka postuar ne rrjetin e saj social. Ajo aty shihet se bashku me kolegen e saj Arbana Osmani, tani te dyja prezantuese tek "E Diell", derisa po pinin vere se bashku dhe duken sikur po kalojne caste shume te lumtura, mbase edhe pak te "dehura". Ato jane mike te ngushta, aspak rivale, dhe Xhemi me sa duket nga postimet e fundit, eshte nder te parat qe shijon recetat e ndryshme te Arbanes, e cila ka pasion gatimin. /Albaflashnews/

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