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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Arbana Osmani, brings her first book with recipes

Arbana Osmani by Artan Korenica
It is now official, the recipe book by Arbana Osmani, will be in shelves of all bookstores in Albania and Kosovo from 8 November. This has been announced by the moderator on her social network. We leran that money collected from the sale of the book will go towards help for children trapped in the North. The book is not simply a book filled with recipes only, but brings personal experience of the moderator, it is as if her family album, confessed through cooking recipes. The successful moderator is presently engaged in the spectacle "The Sun" while the latest news confirms that shewill again run the "Big Brother 7" next year.
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Arbana Osmani, sjell librin e pare te saj me receta gatimi
Eshte tashme zyrtare, libri me receta gatimi nga Arbana Osmani, do jete ne sirtaret e gjithe librarive ne Shqiperi dhe Kosove qe nga data 8 Nentor. Kete ka bere te ditur moderatorja permes rrjetit te saj social. Mesojme se parate qe do mbledhen nga shitja e librit do shkojne ne ndihme per femijet e ngujuar ne Veri. Libri nuk eshte thjeshte nje liber i mbushur vetem me receta, por sjell perjetimet personale te moderatores, eshte thuase nje album familjar i saj , i rrefyer permes recetave te gatimit. Moderatorja e suksesshme eshte per momentin e angazhuar ne spektaklin "E Diell" ndersa lajmet e fundit konfirmojne se do te drejtoje serish "Big Brother 7" ne vitin e ardhshem. /Albaflashnews/

Ftesa per promovimin e librit
(photo: olti curri)

Nga promovimi

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