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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miriam Cani quits from "DWS"?

Olti Curri shkruan ne Facebook

This news comes from Olti Curri who has written on his Facebook page that Miriam Cani has quit from the role of Moderator in the spectacle "Dancing With The Stars" and in her place comes Jonida Maliqi. In fact, the first time it was written for Jonida Maliqi as competitors in the dance, but she gave up the post, as she realised during the two days of rehearsals that physical and time commitment was great that she can not afford because of her son Dan, with whom she needs to stay close. In the following days, it will probably become known the reasons for the withdrawal of Miriam Cani.
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Miriam Cani terhiqet nga "DWS"?
Ky lajm vjen nga Olti Curri i cili ka shkruar ne faqen e tij ne Facebook, se Miriam Cani eshte terhequr nga roli i moderatores se spektaklit "Dancing With The Stars" dhe ne vend te saj vjen Jonida Maliqi. Ne fakt, kohe me pare u shkrua per pjesemarrjen e Jonida Maliqit si konkurrente ne kercim, por qe ajo hoqi dore me pas, pasi kuptoi gjate dy dite provash se angazhimi fizik dhe kohor ishte i madh e qe ajo nuk mund ta perballonte pasi ka dhe djalin e saj Danin prane te cilit ajo ka nevoje te qendroje. Ne ditet ne vijim, mesiguri do zbardhet me shume per arsyet e terheqjes se Miriam Canit.

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