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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Besarta Krasniqi, makes Prishtina looks like London

Besarta, pamje nga Katedrala "Nene Tereza" ne Prishtine
Singer Besarta Krasniqi, who lives in Germany, is currently in Kosovo, where she has gone to be part of the filming for television programs of the year-end holidays. What intrigued us in this picture is the fact that for a moment we thought Besarta was actually in London and not in Prishtina, since it seems as if she has climbed in that very famous monument that resembles more a bicycle wheel, but in fact is known as the "London Eye" . But here we are, thanks to the Cathedral "Mother Teresa" in Prishtina, and this beautiful picture by Besarta, we also seem to have gained such a monument, where Prishtina looks spectacular from the top, like London.
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Besarta Krasniqi, e ben Prishtinen te duket si Londra
Kengetarja Besarta Krasniqi, e cila jeton ne Gjermani, per momentin gjindet ne Kosove, ku ka shkuar te behet pjese e xhirimeve televizive per programet e festave te fundvitit. Ajo qe na intrigoi ne kete foto eshte fakti qe per nje moment menduam se Besarta ne fakt eshte ne Londer e jo ne Prishtine, pasi duket sikur ka hipur ne ate monumentin shume te famshem qe gjason me shume ne rrote biciklete, e qe ne fakt njihet si "Syri i Londres" (London Eye). Dhe, ja qe, fal Katedrales "Nene Tereza" ne Prishtine, dhe fotos se mrekullueshme te Besartes, duket sikur edhe ne kemi fituar nje monument te tille, ku Prishtina duket spektakulare nga larte, sikur Londra.

Besarta, gjate xhirimeve te Vitit te Ri

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