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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stadium in Qatar, which looks like vagina...

Nje stadium "vagine" ne Katar

Qatar these days has become hot news not for the fact that it will host the world championship in 2022, but for the shape of one of the six new stadiums that are being built for this important sport event. Stadium in this image, as per architects, should have been an inspiration from traditional Qatari boats, used by local fishermen and pearl divers. But, others could not resist and not notice that the stadium resembles more the shape of vagina. What is your opinion?
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Stadiumi ne Katar, qe i ngjan vagines...
Katari, keto dite eshte bere lajm i nxehte jo per faktin qe do jete nikoqir i kampionatit boteror 2022 ne futboll, por per formen e njerit nga gjashte stadiumet e reja qe po ndertohen per kete eveniment te rendesishem sportiv. Stadiumi ne foto, sipas arkitekteve, duhej te ishte nje inspirim nga varkat tradicionale te Katarit, qe perdoren nga peshkataret dhe zhytesit e margaritareve. Por ja qe te tjeret nuk kane mundur e te mos verejne se stadiumi me shume i ngjan formes se nje vagine. Cfare mendoni ju?

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