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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Armina, promotes herself with "bird" exposed...

Armina me "zogun" jashte tek 2XL

Beauty Armina Mevlani, who is presently busy as moderator in "Dancing With The Stars", on Sunday was invited as special guest in the comedy show "Apartment 2XL", where she proved her theatrical skills and even those of dancing. But it seems that her efforts went in vain, since the public and the media thereafter, more than everything else, have commented more the "scenic opening of legs", where she showed off her underwear and "bird" in sight of all present, who immediately began buzzing about it and of course all of this was recorded in front of the cameras. Juli himself, who faced the "bird" alive, could not resist without commenting too. "Armina challenges Tuna", has been one of the titles that are now circulating in the media on this topic, while we invite you to follow the video below and witness how a second of "bird" exposed, brings instant fame.
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Armina, promovon veten me "zogun" jashte...
Bukuroshja Armina Mevlani, e cila per momentin eshte e angazhuar si moderatore tek "Dancing With The Stars", te dielen ka qene e ftuar speciale e shout humoristik "Apartamenti 2XL" ku ka deshmuar aftesite teatrale dhe madje edhe ato te vallezimit. Por, duket sikur mundi i shkoi huq, pasi publiku dhe me pastaj mediat, me shume se gjithcka tjeter, kane perfolur me shume "hapjen skenike te kembeve", me c'rast ajo tregoi te brendshmet dhe zogun e saj para syve te te gjithe te pranishmeve, te cilet menjehere filluan te zhurmonin per kete dhe e gjithe kjo natyrisht u regjistrua para kamerave. Vete Juli, qe e pa "zogun" gjalle, nuk rezistoi dot pa e komentuar, poashtu. "Armina sfidon Tunen", ka qene nje nga titujt qe tani po qarkullojne ne media per kete teme, ndersa ne ju ftojme te ndiqni videon me poshte dhe te jeni deshmitar si nje sekonde e "zogut" ne shesh, sjell fame te menjehershme. /Albaflashnews/

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