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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Skivi and Adriani & Floriani, the newest collaboration...

Skivi, Adriani dhe Floriani, bashkepunimi me i ri
"Welcome to Prishtina" is the title of the latest collaboration between the famous duo Adrian Gaxha & Floriani, and known rapper Skivi Skillz. The song will soon be launched on Youtube in its first version, while for a better promotion of the project, the trio is doing a photoshoot with Veton Osmani, as we can see them via a short video (see below) that Adrian has posted on his social network. "It is about a good song and very real, inspired by my experience in a night out in Prishtina", explained Adrian. All fans wait anxiously to see if this collaboration with Skivi will bring their next hit.
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Skivi dhe Adriani & Floriani, bashkepunimi me i ri
"Welcome to Prishtina" ka titullin bashkepunimi i fundit mes duos se famshme Adrian Gaxha & Floriani, dhe reperit te njohur Skivi Skillz. Kenga se shpejti do lancohet ne Youtube ne verzionin fillestar, ndersa per ta promovuar kete projekt sa me bukur, treshja ka realizuar nje fotosesion tek Veton Osmani, ku dhe mund t'i shohim permes nje video te shkurter (shih poshte), qe Adriani ka postuar ne rrjetin e tij social. "Behet fjale per nje kenge teper te mire dhe reale, e qe jam inspiruar prej nje nate ne Prishtine", ka shpjeguar Adriani. Gjithe fansat presim me padurim te shohin nese ky bashkepunim me Skivin do sjell hitin e tyre te radhes.

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