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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Albana Osmani, becomes part of "Fiks Fare"

Albana Osmani, pjese e "Fiks Fare"
"Tonight I begin a new experience in TCH. Thanks for trusting me, Philip Cakulli. After a bit at FIKS FARE!", are the words written by Albana Osmani on her social network, beside a photo posted, where she is seen alongside Doctor and velinas of this comedy show. In fact she has made known further for "Thash&Them", that the format of this show will take the form of Italian show "Striscia la notizia" and this will not be the only surprise accompanying the changes that are going to happen.
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Albana Osmani, behet pjese e "Fiks Fare"
"Sonte une nis nje eksperience te re ne TCH. Faleminderit per besimin Filip Çakullit. Pas pak ne FIKS FARE!!", jane fjalet qe ka shkruar Albana Osmani ne rrjetin e saj social, prane nje fotoje te postuar, ku ajo shihet perkrah Doktorit dhe velinave te ketij emisioni humoristik. Ne fakt ajo ka bere te ditur tutje per "Thash&Them", se formati i ketij emisioni do marre trajtat e emisionit italian "Striscia la Notizia" e qe nuk do jete e vetmja surprize qe do shoqeroj ndryshimet qe do ndodhin.

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