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Friday, 13 September 2013

Era Istrefi, soon with her first music video

Era Istrefi, Nora dhe Mc Kresha, new music collaboration
The little sister of the famous singer Nora Istrefi, Era, is often complimented for her beautiful voice while publishing "covers" on Youtube and of course the fans keep asking when will she enter into the music scene. But the time has already come, Era announced a collaboration with her sister and Mc Kresh, and we have seen those three in a photo together taken recently. Song and video will be published soon. Wonder, how Nora feels about this fact, if she sees her as a rival or friend on stage? 
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Era Istrefi, se shpejti klipi i pare
Motra e vogel e kengetares se njohur Nora IstrefiEra, shpesh eshte komplimentuar per zerin e saj te bukur gjersa publikonte "covera" ne Youtube dhe fansat natyrisht pyesnin se kur do i futet edhe ajo skenes muzikore. Por ja kjo kohe tashme erdhi, Era ka paralajmeruar nje bashkepunim me motren dhe Mc Kreshen, dhe ne kete foto ata te tre shihen se bashku te fotografuar pak kohe me pare. Kenga dhe klipi do dalin ne treg se shpejti. Athua, si ndjehet Nora per kete fakt, e sheh ate si rivale apo mikeshe te skenes?

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