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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Gjyste Vulaj, never the same

Gjyste Vulaj behet zeshkane
Oh, how surprised we were with Gjyste Vulaj new look and hair style. This time totally brunette and with fringes, looks much younger than she actually is. On facebook says that this shift was made ​​for her appearance at a concert. Has reached 36 years old and became mother of two children, but still shines as a teenager. Not long ago celebrated the 20th anniversary of marriage and bride wears again in a full marriage ceremony drawing extraordinary media attention. Sokol husband should certainly be satisfied that he has a wife like her, very sexy and never the same.
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Gjyste Vulaj, asnjehere njesoj
Ah, sa na befasoi kjo Gjyste Vulaj me lookun dhe stilin e ri te flokeve. Kesaj radhe totalisht zeshkane dhe me baluke, duket shume vjet me e re se sa qe eshte. Thote ne facebook se ky nderrim ishte bere per paraqitjen e saj ne nje koncert. Ka mbushur 36 vjec dhe eshte bere nene e dy femijeve, por ende shkelqen si nje adoleshente. Pak kohe me pare festoi 20 vjetorin e marteses dhe u vesh serish nuse ne nje ceremoni thuase te plote martesore duke terhequr vemendje te jashtezakonshme mediale. Bashkeshorti Sokoli, duhet mesiguri te jete i kenaqur qe ka nje bashkeshorte si kjo, shume seksi dhe asnjehere njesoj.

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