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Friday, 13 September 2013

Man after the operation, sees his wife for the first time

Jason Mortensen, within a few days has become famous on Youtube with a "sweet" video  where he wakes up from an operation and did not even know his wife with whom he had six years of marriage. Dazzled by her appearance, he starts flirting with her as if he's seen her for the first time. He could not believe the words of the woman saying that they were married and claims that it is a "jackpot" for him. The media report that he has appeared on television to testify that this was not an act.

Jason after operation doesn't recognise his wife

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Burri pas operacionit, nuk njeh gruan e tij
Jason Mortensen, brenda pak ditesh eshte bere i famshem ne Youtube, me nje video te "embel" ku ai zgjohet nga nje operacion dhe nuk e njeh fare bashkeshorten e tij me te cilen kishte gjashte vjet martese. I mahnitur me dukjen e saj, ai fillon te flirton sikur te ishte pare per here te pare me te. Nuk mund t'i besonte fjaleve te gruas se ata ishin te martuar dhe pohon se kjo eshte nje "jackpot" per te. Mediat raportojne se ai ka dale ne televizion per te deshmuar se ky nuk ka qene aktrim.

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