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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Atifete, yet another "Ooops"!

Atifete Jahjaga oops, quan Kosoven - "Kocove"
President of Kosovo, Mrs.Atifete Jahjaga, a character obviously very dear to the media regarding protocol errors and lapses that she does in public, this time also makes a linguistic error, calling Kosovo "Kocove". Could be caressing name, but, surely, to the long list of her "Ooops" offs will be added the latter. For more follow the video below enabled by KTV: 


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Atifetja, edhe nje Ooops!
Presidentja e Kosoves, znj.Atifete Jahjaga, padyshim nje personazh shume i dashur per media sa i perket gabimeve protokolare dhe lapsuseve qe ajo ben ne publik, kesaj radhe ben edhe nje gabim gjuhesor, duke quajtur Kosoven - "Kocove". Mund te jete edhe emer perkedheles, por, s'ka dyshim, listes se gjate te ooops-eve te saj do i shtohet edhe kjo e fundit. Per me shume ndiqni videon me poshte mundesuar nga KTV:

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