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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nora Istrefi, with more pounds but still sexy

Nora Istrefi in bikini
These photos of Nora Istrefi that she has posted on Instagram, are commented in the media and the singer is said to have added pounds more than it should. Instead, we think that it indeed looks much sexier with these "few more pounds". What is your opinion?
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Nora Istrefi, me me shume kile, por seksi
Keto foto te Nora Istrefit qe ajo ka postuar ne Instagram, jane komentuar ne media dhe kengetarja thuhet se ka shtuar kile me shume se sa duhet. Ndersa, ne mendojme se ajo ne te vertete duket shume me seksi me keto "pak kile me shume". Cfare mendoni ju?

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