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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Arta Bajrami is a "Bombshell"

Arta Bajrami lancon videon "Bombshell"
Arta Bajrami has just launched her new video entitled "Bombshell", in collaboration with her ​​brother Don Arbas and well-known rapper Mc Kresha. "The song has thematic my successes and achievements as a singer and myself as a strong woman", Arta explained in an interview for "Teksteshqip". As usual music is taken care by brother Don Arbas, with text by Bim Bimma while the video is made by production "Imagine Films". We note that Arta, although a mother, has again achieved the perfect body curves, while the husband Jimmy we understand has participated in this project, as her personal stylist, one more reason that we don't see Arta as naked as before. 


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Arta Bajrami eshte nje "Bombshell"
Arta Bajrami sapo ka publikuar videon e saj me te re me titull "Bombshell", ne bashkepunim me vellaun e saj Don Arbas dhe reperin e mirenjohur Mc Kresha. "Kenga ka tematike sukseset dhe arritjet e mia si kengetare dhe si nje femer e forte qe jam", ka shpjeguar Arta ne nje interviste per "Teksteshqip". Si gjithnje, per muziken eshte perkujdesur vellau Don Arbas, me tekst nga Bim Bimma ndersa videoja eshte punuar nga produksioni "Imagine Films". Verejme se Arta, megjithese eshte bere nene, ka arritur serish linjat e perkryera trupore, ndersa kuptojme se edhe bashkeshorti Xhimi ka marre pjese ne kete projekt, si stilist personal i saj, nje arsye me shume se nuk e shohim me Arten te "zhveshur" si me pare. 

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