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Monday, 7 October 2013

Istrefovit: We are "kallabllak" sisters!

Motrat Istrefi: Nora, Nita dhe Era
You know the popular folk song "kallabllak sister we are, we are sisters plenty girls". Well, these are Istrefi sisters that look pretty "kallabllak" in this picture. A stylist and two singers Nora, Nita and Era. Marshallah, OJ Luli, how beautiful you are, the same way you dress, in the picture you look nice, dressed firmato "Gangster 4 life".
(kete as google se perkthen dot, lol)
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Istrefovit: Jena motra kallabllak! 

E keni parasysh ate kengen popullore: "Jena motra kallabllak, jena motra qika plot". Eh, keto motrat Istrefi po duken goxha "kallabllak" ne kete foto. Nje stiliste dhe dy kengetare: Nora, Nita dhe Era. Marshallah, oj lulija, sa te bukura qe jeni, edhe veshjen njesoj e keni, ne foto po dukeni shume najs, me veshje firmato "gangster 4 life".

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