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Monday, 7 October 2013

Aferdita Dreshaj, the "embarrasing" photos and video with turkish singer

Aferdita Dreshaj me kengetarin turk per klipin e ri
Although singer and model Aferdita Dreshaj has categorically denied rumors about a possible connection with the Turkish singer, she is still being commented, in other words, fans don't believe her, that she herself has not had something more than just friends or working relationship with turkish singer Bulent Serttap. The model has made the ​​"Titanic" with the singer for his new video, the second one with him, and even commented through in turkish media for the holiday spent together in luxurious yacht along the coast of the well known touristic place of Bodrum. Published photos, where she is seeing cuddling with the Turkish singer, have put the singer in discomfort and as if its happening a "deja vu" that could lead to a second separation from Shpat, if it was true the recent news of them getting together again, even if secretly.

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Aferdita Dreshaj, ja fotot e "sikletshme" dhe videoja me kengetarin turk

Ndonese kengetarja dhe modelja Aferdita Dreshaj ka mohuar kategorikisht thashethemet per nje lidhje te saj te mundshme me kengetarin turk, ajo ende po komentohet, me nje fjale, fansat nuk po e besojne, se ajo vet nuk ka pasur dicka me shume se vetem miqe apo marredhenie pune me kengetarin turk Bulent Serttap. Modelja ka bere "titanikun" me kengetarin per klipin e tij me te ri, te dytin me te dhe jane komentuar madje neper mediat turke per pushimin qe kane kaluar se bashku ne jahten luksoze neper brigjet e vendit te njohur turistik Bodrum. Fotot e publikuara ku ajo shihet e perqafuar me kengetarin turk, e kane vene kengetaren ne siklet dhe sikur po ndodh nje "deja vu" qe do shpie deri te nje ndarje e dyte me Shpatin, nese ishte i vertete lajmi i para pak kohesh se jane bashkuar, qofte edhe tinezisht.

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