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Friday, 11 October 2013

Ermal, "the best bride in the world"

Ermali, nje baba me fustan te bardhe
Ermal, although he has recently become a father, does not mean that he is now more serious and will not make us laugh anymore. In the absence of Ami, who certainly has been caring for the baby, as a representative and expert of "Ami Event" it was required from him alone to show to ex-Big Brother protagonist, Rike Roci, how to wear a bride's dress. We learn that these comic scenes took place during the filming of the new video from singer Andos Sinani entitled "You're the best in the world" where Rike probably plays a certain role in this video. But yet we did not get if part "the best in the world" refers to Rike or Ermal!
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Ermali, nusja "ma e mire ne bote"

Ermali, megjithese pak kohe me pare eshte bere baba, nuk do te thote se tani eshte bere me serioz dhe nuk do na bej me te qesh. Ne mungese te Amit, e cila mesiguri ka qene duke u perkujdesur per bebin, si perfaqesues dhe ekspert tek "Ami Events" eshte dashur qe vet ai t'i tregoj ish-protagonistes se Big Brother, Rike Roci, se si vishet fustani i nuserise. Mesojme se keto skena komike kane ndodhur gjate xhirimeve te videoklipit me te ri te kengetarit Andos Sinani me titull "Ma e mira n'bote" ku mesiguri Rikja luan nje rol te caktuar ne kete video. Por, ende nuk e morem vesh nese pjesa "me e mira n'bote" i referohet Rikes apo Ermalit!

Gjate xhirimeve te klipit te Andosit

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