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Friday, 11 October 2013

Kate Moss gives her blessing to Rita Ora on her lips...

Rita Ora & Kate Moss by Kyle Devolle
Kate Moss, 39-year-old model is still one of the most poignant and long standing faces of "Rimmel". But this week, as was reported earlier, Rita Ora has also entered the club of ambassadors of this brand, by becoming its face. Two Londoners are met on the occasion of 180th anniversary of this company and in this instance, have exchanged kisses on the lips, exactly where the rimmel is of course, almost marking an important historical moment where Kate gives her blessing to Rita Ora, as the new face of this brand. And in fact, it is happening, the company has launched a new line of cosmetics that now bears the name of Albanian singer Rita Ora, who is not only a pop stardom but now also a fashion icon, considering how many different companies in fashion world, want to make her as face of their products.
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Kate Moss i jep bekimin ne buze, Rita Ores

Kate Moss, modelja 39 vjecare eshte nje nder fytyrat ende me pikante dhe afatgjate te buzekuqit "Rimmel". Por kete jave, sic eshte raportuar me heret, Rita Ora poashtu ka hyre ne klubin e ambasadoreve te ketij brendi duke u bere fytyre e saj. Dy londinezet jane takuar me rastin e 180 vjetorit te kesaj firme dhe me kete rast, kane shkembyer puthje ne buze, aty ku saktesisht eshte rimmeli natyrisht, pothuajse duke shenuar nje moment te rendesishem historik ku Kate i jep bekimin Rita Ores, si fytyra me e re e ketij brendi. Dhe ne fakt ashtu po ndodh, kompania ka lancuar nje linje te re kozmetike qe tani mban emrin e kengetares shqiptare Rita Ora, e cila eshte jo vetem nje pop ikone me fame por tani edhe nje ikone e modes, duke marre parasysh se sa e sa kompani te ndryshme ne boten e modes, deshirojne ta bejne ate si fytyre te produkteve te tyre.

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