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Monday, 7 October 2013

Aurela, in good shape to start trying for a son...

Aurela Gace ne Crazy Calvin
Aurela Gace who made ​​the headlines recently with her noisy wedding, has always shown that she had the desire to maintain her body in a good shape. But she is not satisfied with her weight that she has now and intends to achieve the ideal, by removing few more pounds. "I want to be in good shape before starting for a son ... there are still very stubborn 3kg that do not wish to leave the body, but I will remove them or nothing" she wrote on her social network. While she tells that beside gym she is doing fast walking and will soon start swimming too, since swimming, as she says, makes you look like a fish. We wish for her daughter Grace to have a little brother as soon as possible.
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Aurela, ne forme per te nise djalin

Aurela Gace e cila beri buje pak kohe me pare me dasmen e saj te zhurmshme, gjithmone ka deshmuar se ka deshire ta mbaj trupin e palestruar mire. Por, ajo nuk eshte kenaqur me peshen qe ka tani dhe synon te arrij idealen, duke hequr edhe ca kile me shume. "Dua te jem ne forme te mire para se te nis djalin... I kam, akoma 3kg shume kokeforte qe s'duan ta leshojne trupin, por ja i heq ja bej bam", ka shkruar ajo ne rrjetin e saj social. Ndersa ka treguar se pervec palestres ajo ben ecjen e shpejte dhe do nise se shpejti edhe notin, pasi noti, sic thote ajo, te ben peshk fare. Urojme qe vajza e saj Grace ta kete sa me shpejte edhe nje vella te vogel.

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