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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Soni Malaj, regrets her look in the past...

Soni, nga xhirimet e klipit te fundit "Jeto"
Although to the public, whenever she was presented on stage, during her 17 years long music career, has always been "In", beautiful and sexy, charming and loving, but she herself does not think so. "... I was never remorseful for songs, I regret the look. When I see any old footage, I say 'God, what were those people thinking, in making me dress like that'!", said singer Soni Malaj, in an interview for the magazine "Story". Of course, motherhood has led her to feel differently about the past today. She recently appeared on a duet with new talent Aldo, with music video titled "Live" which is well received by the public.
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Soni Malaj, e penduar per pamjen ne te kaluaren
Megjithese per publikun, sa here qe eshte prezantuar ne skene, gjate karrieres se saj muzikore 17 vjecare, ka qene gjithmone "In", e bukur dhe seksi, simpatike dhe e dashur, por ajo vete nuk e mendon keshtu. "...Asnjehere nuk jam penduar per kenget, jam penduar per pamjen. Kur shoh ndonje filmim te vjeter, them 'O Zot, cfare kane menduar ata njerez, qe me kane veshur keshtu'!", ka thene kengetarja Soni Malaj, ne nje interviste per revisten "Story". Natyrisht, memesia dhe ka bere qe ajo te ndjehet ndryshe sot per te kaluaren. Ajo se fundmi eshte paraqitur ne nje duet me talentin e ri Aldo, me videokengen e titulluar "Jeto" e cila eshte pritur mire nga publiku.

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