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Friday, 18 October 2013

Flaka Krelani in "Dancing With The Stars"

Flaka Krelani, se shpejti ne Dancing With The Stars
This edition of "Dancing With The Stars" would not be the same without a prominent rocker like Flaka Krelani. The singer has posted a picture of the rehearsals she is making for dancing competition this year. Besides few appearances like in "2XL" and "X Factor", she has been absent for some time from stage with any new projects, but we believe that this participation will compensate good the one-year vacuum. Till now these names are mentioned as dance contestants: Arben Derhemi, Castro Zizo, Andos Sinani, Blendi Nallbani, Petri Bozo, Arjon Muca, Rike Roci, Aurela Hoxha, Nora Istrefi, Jonida Maliqi, Monica Lobonja and Aulona Musta. The list is not confirmed since there is possible that few names have abandoned the competition while there will also be new names that are not yet published. It has become known that such an offer came to even Alberie Hadergjonaj, but she refused this invitation, and perhaps she's not the only one. For more info on Dancing, we invite you to watch the video below:
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Flaka Krelani ne "Dancing With The Stars"

Ky edicion i "Dancing With The Stars" nuk do ishte njesoj pa nje rrokere te spikatur si Flaka Krelani. Kengetarja ka postuar nje foto nga pergaditjet qe ajo eshte duke bere per garen e kercimit sivjet. Pervec disa paraqitjeve si ne "2XL" dhe "X Factor" kohe me pare, ajo I ka munguar skenes me projekte te reja nje kohe, por me kete pjesemarrje besojme se do e kompenzoj mire kete vakuum njevjecar. Deri me tani jane permendur keta emra si pjesemarres ne garen e kercimit: Arben Derhemi, Kastro Zizo, Andos Sinani, Blendi Nallbani, Petri Bozo, Arjon Muca, Rike Roci, Aurela Hoxha, Nora Istrefi, Jonida Maliqi, Monika Lubonja dhe Aulona Musta. Lista nuk eshte e konfirmuar pasi flitet se ka mundesi qe disa emra te kene hequr dore nga gara ndersa do kete edhe emra te ri ende te pa publikuar. Eshte bere e ditur se nje oferte e tille i erdhi edhe Alberie Hadergjonaj, por ajo e ka refuzuar kete ftese, mbase jo dhe e vetmja.

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