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Friday, 8 November 2013

How to live longer, according to the 256 years old Chinese

Mixha Fazli

Chinese Li Ching Yuen, believed to have been the oldest man in the world, known ever. He died in 1933, at the age of 256. He has continuously practiced herbalism and martial arts and it was said that he himself has explained his longevity in one sentence: "Stay tranquil mind, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly as pigeon and sleep like a dog." Of course, it is believed that in this case, internal alchemical and herbal components that he has used, have played a role. During his life, he had 23 wives and has left more than 200 descendants.

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Times in 1933:
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Si te jetosh gjate, sipas kinezit 256 vjecar
Kinezi Li Ching Yuen, besohet te kete qene njeriu me i vjeter ne bote, qe dihet ndonjehere. Ai ka vdekur ne vitin 1933, ne moshen e tij 256 vjecare. Ne menyre te vazhdueshme ka praktikuar herbalizmin dhe artet marciale ndersa thuhet se ai vete ka shpjeguar jetegjatesine e tij me nje fjali: "Rri mendje qete, qendro si breshke, ec me shpejtesi si pellumbi dhe fle si qen". Natyrisht, besohet se ne kete rast, rol ka luajtur edhe gjendja e brendshme alkimike dhe komponentet herbale qe ai ka perdorur. Gjate jetes se tij, ai ka pasur 23 gra dhe ka lene me shume se 200 pasardhes.

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