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Friday, 8 November 2013

Man emerges alive from the grave

In scenes that recall horror movies with "Zombies", a Brazilian is extracted from the grave alive. It is said that a woman who had visited the cemetery, has seen how a living man was trying to emerge from a grave. And then notified police who initially did not believe the story. It is believed that man has been embroiled in a quarrel with the aggressors, who supposed him dead and tried to hide his body in the cemetery. But, fortunately for this man, it seems the lord had other plans for him.

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E nxjerrin te gjalle nga varri
Ne skena qe te kujtojne filmat horror me "zombie", nje brazilian eshte nxjerre i gjalle nga varri. Thuhet se nje grua e cila kishte vizituar varrezat, ka pare si nje njeri i gjalle po tentonte te dilte nga nje varr. Me pas ka lajmeruar policine te cilet fillimisht nuk i besonin ketij tregimi. Besohet se njeriu ka qene i ngaterruar ne nje sherr me agresoret, te cilet e menduan si te vdekur dhe u munduan ta fshihnin trupin e tij ne varreza. Por, fatmiresisht per kete njeri, duket sikur zoti ka pasur plane te tjera per te.

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