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Monday, 23 September 2013

Bertan Asllani in the Turkish series "Pis Yedili" [VIDEO]

Bertan Asllani in the turkish series "Pis Yedili"
Initially when there were talks about Bertan Asllani and his ambitions to play as an actor in the Turkish series, he denied them categorically. But, probably he did not think that a short appearance of his in series "Dirty Seven" (Pis Yedili) with the song "Damla, damla" will give him the chance to engage even more as an actor in this serial. Here we bring you a short excerpt from this series where Bertani seems quite enyoing the role he plays, especially when he is surrounded by beautiful women who favor him. We hope Bertan has the success of Nik Xhelilaj or more, of Luran Ahmeti and become a known name in Turkish cinematography. Let us not forget that we have also seen there recently, beauty Almeda Abazi

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Bertan Asllani ne serialin turk "Pis Yedili" [VIDEO]
Fillimisht kur u fol per Bertan Asllanin dhe ambiciet e tij per te luajtur ne serialet turke, ai i mohoi ato kategorisht. Por, ndoshta nuk e ka menduar se nje paraqitje e shkurter e tij ne serialin "Pis Yedili" (Shtateshja e ndyre) me kengen "Damla, damla" do ti jap shansin atij te angazhohet edhe me shume si aktor ne kete serial. Ja ku ju sjellim nje fragment te shkurter nga ky serial ku Bertanit duket sikur i ka pelqyer mjaft bukur roli qe luan, sidomos kur eshte i rrethuar me femra qe e pelqejne. Urojme qe Bertani te kete suksesin e Nik Xhelilajt apo edhe me teper te Luran Ahmetit, dhe te behet nje emer i njohur ne kinematografine turke. Mos te harrojme se atje kemi pare se fundmi edhe bukuroshen Almeda Abazi.

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