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Sunday, 9 March 2014

PANORAMA PLUS - 8th March 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 8 Mars 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine "Panorama Plus" (8 March 2014)

Tuna: I'm leaving " X Factor ". She thanks everyone, but Alketa Vejsiu
Dafina Zeqiri's signature faked, on trial for the rights of the song " My Swag "
Fans criticize Luana: You do not have the voice to sing !
Anjeza Shahini : I'm ready to build my new home away from Albania
Big Brother: Sex in the third week, Erald in bed with two women
Big Brother: Violeta split from first love because of mistreatment
Ervin of "BB " in an intimate photo set with a Thai
Lorik Cana sets his mind, will marry Monica
Adelina Ismajli: Await from me a real bomb in Albanian music
For the first time in Albania , " Miss Trans "
Eranda Libohova tempted by virtuality , publishes every moment of her life
Angela Martini invades Swedish magazines
Enca Haxhia completes collaboration with with Noizi
Gena sued by colleagues, prohibited from crossing the Schengen Area
Lounge " Number Eight " and the weekend of people with exquisite taste
Zajmina makes a tattoo close to intimate parts
In Germany voted for 5 most liked singers, heads Sinan Hoxha
Linda Halimi business in Los Angeles, opens clothing store
" Master Chef " or how to do the culinary art show
Agnesa Vuthaj covered
Enver Petrovci celebrates his 60th anniversary as a grandparent
Eliza Hoxha celebrates her 40th anniversary as a single
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Titujt kryesore VIP te javes nga Revista "Panorama Plus" (8 Mars 2014)

Tuna: Largohem nga "X Factor". I falenderon te gjithe, pervec Alketa Vejsiun
Dafina Zeqirit i falsifikojne firmen, ne gjyq per te drejtat e kenges "My Swag"
Fansat kritikojne Luanen: Nuk ke ze per te kenduar!
Anjeza Shahini: Jam gati per te ndertuar shtepine time te re larg Shqiperise
Big Brother; Seks ne javen e trete, Eraldi ne shtrat me dy femra
Big Brother; Violeta u nda nga i dashuri i pare per shkak te keqtrajtimit
Ervini i "BB" ne nje set fotosh intime me nje tajlandeze
Lorik Cana e vendos, do martohet me Moniken
Adelina Ismajli: Prisni nga une bomben e vertete te muzikes shqiptare
Per here te pare ne Shqiperi, "Miss Trans"
Eranda Libohova joshet nga virtualiteti, publikon cdo moment te jetes
Angela Martini pushton revistat suedeze
Enca Haxhia realizon bashkepunimin me Noizin
Gena paditet nga koleget, i ndalohet nga kalimi ne zonen Shengen
Lounge "Number Eight" dhe fundjava e njerezve me shije te holle
Zajmina bene tattoo afer pjeseve intime
Ne Gjermani votohen 5 kengetaret me te pelqyer, kryeson Sinan Hoxha
Linda Halimi biznes ne Los Angeles, hap dyqan rrobash
"Master Chef" ose si te besh show me artin e kulinarise
Mbulohet Agnesa Vuthaj
Enver Petrovci feston 60-vjetorin si gjysh
Eliza Hoxha feston 40-vjetorin si beqare

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