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Sunday, 10 November 2013

"Te ka lali shpirt", becomes hit even with black people

"Te ka lali shpirt" hit i zezakeve

The most clicked Albanian song "Te ka lali shpirt" by Silva Gunbardhi, which has now reached close to 30 million clicks on Youtube, rather than just crossing geographical boundaries, being sang outside Albania, but it is also breaking all cultural boundaries. Three blacks in this video, cry with tears while singing this popular Albanian song that seems that it has grown deep in their veins. It's about three basketball players of the club "Drita" from Gjilan, Craig Blackmon, Brandon Shingles and Obinna Agomo that apparently are being "Albanianised" pretty well by their stay in Kosovo.

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"Te ka lali shpirt", behet hit edhe tek zezaket
Kenga me e klikuar shqiptare "Te ka lali shpirt" e Silva Gunbardhit, qe tani ka arritur afer 30 milion klikime ne Youtube, jo se vetem po then kufijt gjeografik, duke u kenduar jashte Shqiperise, por po then edhe kufijt kulturor. Tre zezake ne kete video, e qajne me lote kete kenge te popullarizuar shqiptare dhe duket sikur u ka hyre thelle ne gjak. Fjala eshte per tre basketbollistet e klubit "Drita" nga Gjilani, Craig Blackmon, Brandon Shingles and Obinna Agomo qe me sa duket po "shqiptarizohen" bukur mire nga qendrimi i tyre ne Kosove.

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