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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lori and her song, makes you forget all your worries

Lori thote "Neve po na rrihet"
If you've been longing for Lori's sweet voice, here she comes with a playful video song entitled "Neve po na rrihet". A song skilfully "cooked" in the studio of the great duo, Armend Rexhepagiqi and Aida Baraku, with visual realization by Albanian company "Max Production", where Lori not only sings and looks nice, she appears playful and like a sweet "grape" amidst a vineyard, surrounded by many good looking friends. This is singer Lori, not lazy to climb a tractor, or shove in hands in the dough or wash garments in the river. In this gloomy weather, this video song will give you positive warm emotions and make you for a moment to forget all  your worries. Enjoy!

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Lori me kenge, ju ben t'i harroni te gjitha hallet!
Nese ju mori malli per zerin e embel te Lorit, ja ku ajo vjen me nje video kenge te re lozonjare me titull "Neve po na rrihet". Nje kenge e gatuar mjeshterisht ne studion e dyshes se forte, Armend Rexhepagiqi dhe Aida Baraku, me realizim vizuel nga produksioni shqiptar "Max Production", ku Lori pervec se kendon dhe duket bukur, ajo paraqitet shume qejflike dhe si nje "rrush" ne mes te nje vreshte, e rrethuar me shume qika te mira. Kjo eshte pra kengetarja Lori, qe nuk perton as te hip siper nje traktori, apo t'i fus duart ne brum e te laj petkat ne lum. Ne kete mot te zymte, kjo video kenge do ju jep emocione te ngrohta pozitive dhe do ju bej per nje moment t'i harroni te gjitha hallet. Shijojeni! /Albaflashnews/

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