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Sunday, 20 April 2014

PANORAMA PLUS Magazine - 19th April 2014

Revista PANORAMA PLUS - 19 Prill 2014

VIP headlines of the week from the magazine " Panorama Plus " ( 19 April 2014 )

Marina Vjollca: Before marriage I will try living together
Valbona Selimllari speaks for the first time about her three children
Arben Ristani caps with marriage relationship with the doctor  after divorce
Big Brother; Speaks common friend: Here is why can not function relationship between Julie and Arditi
The second couple created in " BB7 ", Lori in bed with Visar
" My song " after participation of Serbian singer, withdraw from the race singers from Kosovo
Nick Xhelilaj alongside playing in the Turkish serials, declared the best actor in the U.S.
The " Number 8 ", knows no entertainment limit with world dj's
Ilir of BB6: I''ll tell you about new projects in television and cinema
Robin Haxhi Krasniqi separates from Miss Germany 2013
After the concert, no problem for Shpat to get drunk
Korab doesn't hide love: " I am happy to have you "
Dafina Zeqiri makes third album, revealed photos of the new video
Gena : singers are jealous of my success , hampered my travel in Schengen zone
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Titujt VIP te javes nga Revista "Panorama Plus" (19 Prill 2014)

Marina Vjollca: Para marteses do provoj bashkejetesen
Valbona Selimllari flet per here te pare per tre femijet e saj
Arben Ristani kurorezon me martese lidhjen me mjeken, mbas divorcit
Big Brother; Flet miku i perbashket: Ja pse nuk mund te funksionoje lidhja mes Xhulit dhe Arditit
Krijohet cifti i dyte ne "BB7", Lori ne shtrat me Visarin
"Kenga Ime", pas pjesemarrjes se kengetarit serb, terhiqen nga gara kengetaret nga Kosova
Nik Xhelilaj nderkohe qe luan ne serialet turke, shpallet aktori me i mire ne SHBA
Te "Number 8", argetimi nuk njeh limit me DJ boterore
Iliri i BB6: Ju rrefej projektet e reja ne televizion dhe kinema
Robin Haxhi Krasniqi ndahet nga Miss Gjermania 2013
Mbas koncerteve, Shpati nuk e ka problem te dehet
Korabi nuk e fsheh dashurine: "Jam i lumtur qe te kam ty"
Dafina Zeqiri realizon albumin e trete, zbulon fotot e klipit te ri
Gena: Kengetaret jane xheloz per suksesin tim, me penguan udhetimin ne zonen Shengen

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