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Sunday, 6 April 2014

PALOMA Magazine - 5th April 2014

Revista PALOMA - 5 Prill 2014
VIP headlines of the week from magazine "Paloma" ( 5 April 2014 )

Edona James, Albanian who from the man turned into a woman: If I would not have changed sex, I would have killed myself !
Ylli Baka: I am the winner of "Top Fest" based on clicks
Vesa Luma , the new clip " Superstitious " in collaboration with Jon Tarifa, hit on Dutch radios: No superstitions can do me and Big Basta wrong
Rigels of " Big Brother ": Ex - wife lucky to have married me! I am an example for all people who want to change lives
SERDA Mile sister of Esida: She slept with Eraldi for game, parents were upset about this decision
Enlightened the conflict in Youtube channel. German court blocks association " Acromax " and decide in favor of Flori
What brings Ledri so often in Tirana ?
In Bubq , a street is named Bes Kallaku
Competitor in " The Voice of Ukraine " competes with the song " Suus " of Rona Nishliu
IN & OUT : Deli Zupa , Ermonela Jaho , Books and Arts Festival ( IN) ; Fatmir Sufa , Xhenty, Arjan Korka ( OUT )
On Scanner : Ghost fashion agencies
Boys of religion: Ermal Mamaqi, Dr. Flori, Sony NRG , Getoar Selimi, 2po2 and Capital T, Enis Presheva , Ervin Gonxhi
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Titujt kryesore VIP te javes nga Revista "Paloma" (5 Prill 2014)

Edona James, shqiptari qe nga burre u shnderrua ne grua: Nese nuk do te kisha nderruar seks, do te kisha vrare veten!
Ylli Baka: Jam fituesi i "Top Fest"-it ne baze te klikimeve
Vesa Luma, klipi i ri "Superstitious" ne bashkepunim me Jon Tarifa, hit ne radiot hollandeze: S'ka bestytni te me beje dem mua dhe Big Bastes
Rigelsi i "Big Brother": Ish-bashkeshortja me fat qe u martua me mua! Une, shembull per te gjithe njerezit qe duan te ndryshojne jeten
Serda Mile, motra e Esides: Fjeti me Eraldin per loje, prinderit u merziten per kete vendim
Zbardhet konflikti per kanalin ne Youtube. Gjykata gjermane bllokon shoqerine "Acromax" dhe vendos ne favor te Florit
Kush e sjell Ledrin kas shpesh ne Tirane?
Ne Bubq, nje rruge i vihet emri Bes Kallaku
Konkurrentja e "The Voice of Ukraine" konkurron me kengen "Suus" te Rona Nishliut
IN & OUT: Deli Zhupa, Ermonela Jaho, Festivali i Librit dhe Arteve (IN); Fatmir Sufa, Xhenty, Arjan Korka (OUT)
Ne SKANER: Agjencite e modes fantazme
Djemte e fese: Ermal Mamaqi, Doktor Flori, Sony NRG, Getoar Selimi, 2po2 dhe Capital T, Enis Presheva, Ervin Gonxhi

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