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Monday, 24 February 2014

Blero and Teuta are not actually separated, but only divorced administratively?

Blero dhe Teuta nuk jane ndare...

A lot of dust is being raised about the split of the most charming couple of our showbiz, Blero and Teuta, and fans are left confused or disappointed by the fear that it might be true. And very soon after, the couple went out in public by denying the rumours about their separation. However, according to Blero's statement on Facebok (see photo), it seems as if the couple are not actually separated, but maybe only divorced on paper, since he said that administrative procedures are their private matter, leaving us to understand that, perhaps this part of the divorce proceedings could be partially true, but that there are private reasons why they're doing it.
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Blero dhe Teuta nuk jane ndare realisht, por vetem divorcuar administrativisht?
Shume pluhur eshte ngritur rreth ndarjes se ciftit me simpatik te estrades, Blero dhe Teuta, dhe fansat kane mbetur te hutuar apo zhgenjyer nga frika se mos eshte e vertete. Dhe shume shpejt cifti doli ne publik duke i mohuar thashethemet per ndarjen e tyre. Megjithate, sipas deklarates se Bleros ne Facebook (shih foto), duket se cifti nuk jane ndare realisht, por ndoshta divorcuar vetem ne leter, pasi ai thote se procedurat administrative jane ceshtje e tyre private, duke lene te kuptojme se, ndoshta kjo pjesa e divorcit administrativ mund te jete pjeserisht e vertete, por qe ka arsye private pse e bejne ate.

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