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Sunday, 23 February 2014

This sexy Nora!

Nora Istrefi ne bikini

Aware of her graces, Nora Istrefi, like a clock, constantly keeps attention to herself by updating her social wall with hot photos. This time, she brings summer ahead of time with a hot bikini and body. Recently in her video "Na", appeared controversial but also very sexy, half-naked down with head covered with a muslim headscarf causing debates in many social portals. While further, in the latest issue of the magazine Story Albania, she has talked about the sacrifices she makes for love. Well, after all, it's not that easy to be a "Sexy Nora", without sacrifices!
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Kjo seksi Nora!
E vetedijshme per hiret e saj, Nora Istrefi, si te ishte e programuar, vazhdimisht mban vemendjen tek vetja duke freskuar murin e saj social me foto hot. Kesaj radhe, na sjell veren para kohe me nje bikini dhe trup te nxehte. Se fundmi ne klipin "Na", u paraqit ne menyre kontroverse por shume seksi, gjysem e zhveshur poshte me koken e mbuluar me shami muslimane qe shkaktoi polemika te shumta ne portalet shoqerore. Ndersa me tej, ne numrin e fundit te revistes Story Albania, ajo ka rrefyer sakrificat qe bene per dashuri. Eh fundja, nuk eshte dhe lehte te jesh nje "Seksi Nora", pa sakrifica! /Albavipnews/

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