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Monday, 20 January 2014

Sheila, like an X-Girl in her latest video

Sheila Haxhiraj

The winner of "X Factor 1", 19-year-old Sheila Haxhiraj, has lately shaken the stage with a hot video where she comes bold "topless", covered only with paint. Although she herself says she has thought this only from an artistic aspect, one cannot escape the fact that same time it is quite erotic too, thanks to her obvious beauty and sexy body lines of hers. In other hand, for a moment, she reminded us of a character from the known science fiction movie"X-Men", where Jennifer Lawrence presented with a "body-painting" costume, but not so bold as Sheila. Nevertheless, it is important, as the singer herself said in a recent interview, that her parents are not fanatic and have liked her latest video. There is no doubt that singer who is still single at the moment, with this hot appearance, has won plenty of male fans.
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Sheila, si nje X-Girl ne klipin e fundit
Fituesja e "X Factor 1", 19-vjecarja Sheila Haxhiraj, ka tundur skenen se fundmi me nje klip te nxehte ku ajo vjen guximshem "topless", e mbuluar vetem me ngjyre. Ndonese ajo vete thote se e ka menduar kete vetem nga aspekti artistik, nuk ka si t'i iken faktit se eshte edhe mjaft erotike ne te njejten kohe, fale bukurise dhe linjave te dukshme seksi qe ajo ka. Ndryshe, per nje moment na kujtoi nje karakter nga filmi i njohur fanta-shkence "X-Men", ku Jennifer Lawrence paraqitet me nje "body-painting" kostum, por jo dhe aq guximshem sa Sheila. Megjithate, e rendesishmja eshte, sic thote vete kengetarja ne nje interviste te fundit, se prinderit e saj nuk jane fanatik dhe e kane pelqyer klipin e saj te fundit. Nuk ka dyshim se kengetarja, qe per momentin eshte ende single, me kete paraqitje hot, ka fituar mjaft fansa te gjinise mashkullore.

Sheila Haxhiraj - Baby Lover

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