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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Armina Mevlani, three parking tickets for one week

Armina Mevlani

TV beauty, presenter of "Dancing With The Stars", Armina Mevlani, does not seem to be in good terms with road police in Tirana, as she has written on her social network, how they follow her and her blue Fiat, to issue a parking fine. "Getting crazy from these fines! One cannot get a single medicine from pharmacies... myself, three tickets within a week!, she wrote on Facebook. Given that, according to her Instagram, her "medicine" is shopping every week, for big brand clothes and jewelery, we could easily understand, what was this all about.
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Armina Mevlani, tri gjoba per nje jave...
Bukuroshja e ekranit, prezantuesja e "Dancing With The Stars", Armina Mevlani, duket sikur nuk i ka punet ne "dyzen" me policet rrugore te Tiranes, pasi ajo ka treguar ne rrjetin e saj social, se si ata e ndjekin kudo ate dhe Fiat-in e saj blu, per t'i dhene nje gjobe parkingu. "U c'mendem me gjoba! Nuk guxon njeriu te marre nje ilac ne farmaci... Une per vete tri gjoba brenda javes!, ka shkruar ajo ne Facebook. Meqenese, sipas Instagramit te saj, i bie se ajo e ka "ilac" blerjen e veshjeve dhe bizhuterive firmato per cdo jave, e kuptuam lehte se per cfare ishte fjala.

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