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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Quarrel for the cover of magazine "OK"

Sherr per kopertinen e revistes "OK"
" Quarrel for a cover " is the title of the article brought by the last issue of magazine "Paloma". It has been made known that cause of this quarrel lie with conflicts and contention within staff of the magazine "OK" itself, in relation to who should have been on the cover of the next issue. Initially, the cover was promised to Dritan Hoxha's daughter, Lori Hoxha , but in the last moment, the director of the magazine thought that it should have been footballer Fatmir Hysenbelliu as main cover figure, leaving Lori completely out of it. In the end, it seems like the market version emerged as a compromise cover, with Lori as the main figure, but also including footballer in the cover. But then brawling spilled outside offices, between the girlfriend of the footballer, singer Anxhelina Hadergjonaj and Lori, who exchanged indirect teasing on Instagram, after the first one published the version with only the footballer on cover. This picture seems Angelina has now deleted from her Instagram. She herself was on the cover of this magazine, on an earlier issue, with the headline "Mummy's daughter? Why not!"
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Sherr per kopertinen e Revistes "OK"
"Sherr per nje kopertine" eshte titulli i artikullit qe sjell numri i fundit i revistes "Paloma". Behet e ditur se shkak i ketij sherri ishin konfliktet dhe inatet brenda vete stafit te revistes "OK", ne lidhje me ate se kush duhej te ishte ne kopertinen e radhes. Fillimisht, kopertina iu premtua vajzes se Dritan Hoxhes, Lori Hoxha, por ne momentin e fundit, drejtori i revistes ka menduar se futbollisti Fatmir Hysenbelliu duhej te ishte personazhi kryesor, duke hequr krejtesisht Lorin nga kopertina. Ne fund, duket sikur verzioni i tregut doli si nje kopertine e kompromisit, me Lorin si personazh kryesor, por duke perfshire edhe futbollistin ne kopertine. Por, sherri me pastaj shpertheu edhe jashte redaksise, mes te dashures se futbollistit, kengetares Anxhelina Hadergjonajt dhe Lorit, te cilat shkembyen ngacmime indirekte ne Instagram, pasi kjo e para publikoi verzionin me vetem futbollistin ne kopertine. Kete foto duket se Anxhelina tani e ka fshire nga Instagrami i saj. Ajo vete, ishte ne kopertinen e kesaj reviste, nje numer me heret, me titullin "Goca e mamit? Pse jo!".

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