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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nora Istrefi, couldn't escape accusations for copying ...

Nora Istrefi ne "Kenga Magjike 2013"

Nora Istrefi is back with confidence in "Magic Song 2013" and through a photo that is being commented alot these days, she's shown that everything is fine between her and Ardit, after misunderstandings back in 2010 edition. On Sunday she presented a beautiful song entitled "You are mine", written by Aida Baraku and Armend Rexhepagiqi, with lyrics by Arjanit Palaj and instrumentation by Arber Gjikolli. But even this time, she could not flee from accusations for copying the styling, as there seem to be tireless enthusiasts that will necessarily find something in this direction. It is about a model and TV presenter named Marianna Hewitt, who Nora has "copied" for clothing (see further down). However, copying or simply a fashion trend, Nora has shone on stage, whereas, her song is being liked by many fans and is commented as one of the favorites to win a good prize on the final nights, which will further smoothen the friendship with Ardit.

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Nora Istrefi, nuk i iken dot akuzave per kopjim...
Nora Istrefi eshte rikthyer me konfidence ne "Kenga Magjike 2013" dhe permes nje fotoje qe eshte komentuar shume keto dite, ajo tregon se cdo gje eshte rregulluar mes saj dhe Arditit, pas mosmarreveshjeve ne edicionin e vitit 2010. Te dielen ajo prezantoi nje kenge te bukur me titull "I jemi je", shkruar nga Aida Baraku dhe Armend Rexhepagiqi, me tekst te Arjanit Palajt dhe orkestrim nga Arber Gjikolli. Por, edhe kesaj radhe, ajo nuk mundi ti ike akuzave per kopjim ne styling, pasi duket sikur ka dhe asi enthuziaste te palodhshem qe medoemos do gjejne dicka ne kete drejtim. Fjala eshte per nje modele dhe prezantuese televizive me emrin Marianna Hewitt, te cilen Nora e ka "kopjuar" per veshje (shih me poshte). Sidoqofte, kopjim apo thjeshte trend mode, Nora ka shkelqyer ne skene, derisa, kenga e saj eshte duke u pelqyer shume nga fansat dhe po komentohet si nje nga favoritet per te fituar nje cmim te mire ne netet finale, gje qe do zbuste edhe me teper miqesine me Arditin. /Albaflashnews/

Nora akuzohet per kopjim te veshjes se Marianna Hewitt

Nora dhe Arditi! S'ka me mosmarreveshje!

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